In the last year, Knott County has developed 100 miles of horseback riding trails on a
portion of 43,000 acres owned by Western Pocahontas Land Company.

Three county-sponsored trail rides have been held thus far.

During the Fall of 2007, a 3-day event drew nearly 3,000 people and 1,500 horses who spent
on average $130.80 on food, gas and other items.

Estimated at over $400,000 for the three day '07 Fall Trail Ride
  • Did the event have a direct impact upon the local economy?

    Anyone trying to find dinner rolls or bags of ice anywhere in town on Sunday following the event can tell you that the event did indeed impact the local economy. Nearly every store for miles was sold out of both items. The gas stations also experienced a significant increase in business especially those along Highway 80.

  • Other direct benefits to the county:
    Carrie Community Center cleared $3,000 selling concessions at event.
    Ball Creek Fire Department cleared nearly $1,000.
    Beckham Combs Community Center cleared $2,000

  • People came from Virginia, Ohio, West Virginia, Indiana, Florida, Tennessee, Georgia, Kentucky, Texas and Utah!

The trails are now open to the public 7 days a week and are attracting numbers of people each weekend from as far away as Virginia, Indiana and Ohio. If an RV park was developed at the trailhead, the economic impact would increase tremendously!

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