A 4-page survey was developed by a panel made of representatives
from the
Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife Resources,
Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation
and We Make Things Happen Corporation.

From a pool of 26,000, 200 hunters received an elk tag to hunt elk in Kentucky. Surveys were sent out to all 200 hunters asking for their input to better assess the impact made on the region as well as assess the future needs of elk hunters in Kentucky.

The Survey Found:
  • An estimated 142 hunters scouted prior to the hunt spending on average $342.99 per hunter for food, transportation and lodging.
    - 142 hunters x $342.99 = $48,704.58 spent scouting in eastern Kentucky prior to the actual hunt.

  • During the actual hunt, hunters spent on average $308.96 on food, transportation, and lodging.
    - 200 hunters x $308.96 = $61,792 spent in eastern Kentucky during the hunt.

  • The average hunter spent $595.40 on equipment and supplies for the 2006 Kentucky Elk Hunt.


  • Total estimated direct economic impact of the 2006 Kentucky Elk Hunt was $229,703.48.*
    With the goal in the future of eventually handing out 1,500 elk tags, the direct economic impact would increase to $1,722,780.08*

*Please note: These numbers are extremely conservative and do not reflect multipliers nor
auxiliary impact such as the increase in number of media sources, visitors, guides,
etc. in the area during this time.

  • 83% of the hunters surveyed said they planned to come back to eastern Kentucky to hunt other game, view elk and other wildlife, and visit people they met during the hunt. Most planned to bring others back with them.

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