On Chestnut Mountain is a state-of-the-art 65,000 square foot sports facility called the
Knott County Sportsplex built on 27 acres donated by the developers.
The Sportsplex features 5 basketball/volleyball courts, an 8-lane bowling alley, arcade, indoor walking track, conference room/sports museum, concessions area, large workout area with Nautilus equipment and a tumbling area.
Outdoors there are three baseball fields, another concession area and two soccer fields.
Opened just since October 2007, the Sportsplex is attracting district, state and regional basketball
tournaments nearly every weekend and has its eye on many national events. With garage doors
that open on each side, the facility is an excellent venue for car and boat shows, gun & knife shows,
lawn & garden shows and more!

The Knott County Sportsplex is attracting thousands of people to Chestnut Mountain which is having a positive impact on businesses throughout the entire county as well as surrounding counties.

For more information about the Knott County Sportsplex, click here.
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